Southwest Florida Wedding Photography FAQs

How does your wedding photography pricing work at Susan Knott Photography?

While we can say our wedding packages start at $2,195, we don’t list everything here for a variety of reasons.  We can offer suggested packages, as sometimes the couples we talk to don’t know what to ask for or what is available, and the packages get you started. I can tell you that most of our couples choose our Deluxe package, or even a slight variation of it, because it includes just about everything you’ll need for your wedding photography. 

Can I meet with you to discuss my wedding photography? "Wedding Photographers", "Southwest Florida Wedding Photography", "Naples wedding photos"Wedding Photography, Southwest Florida

Yes, of course!  If you shoot me an email or call/text me 518-369-6057, I promise to send you the package information right way.  Then, we can plan to talk or meet at your earliest convenience. We typically meet couples at our home in Cape Coral, FL., where it’s easy going and comfortable or we can arrange to meet you elsewhere or talk on the phone.  When we meet, you’ll have the chance to see more photos, the wedding albums we offer and we get to hear about your wedding day! If you’re out of the area, we’ll plan to chat on the phone or do a Skype or Face time session!

Do you have a second photographer?

Yes, and he’s my husband, so we know each other pretty well!  He’s included as a ‘second shooter’ at all of our weddings! Jon and I typically arrive to you about an hour before you put your dress on to photograph the dress, shoes and other details, as well as you getting ready.  When you start to put your dress on, Jon heads over to get some shots of the guys getting ready. We meet up at your ceremony and you get two vantage points all day.  One wedding photographer can’t be in two places at once, and from our experience, it’s always a benefit.  Couples look at our photos and often say “I didn’t even know that happened!” or “I didn’t even know you were there!”

Will you edit all of our wedding photos?

Yes!  I take my time with each photo to be sure that they represent you well, remove blemishes, etc.  And for any photo added to your wedding book, or enlargement, I take a little extra care to be sure that you both look your very best!

How do you charge for travel and how far will you go?

Every event is different, and we would determine the travel cost, if any, on a case-by-case basis. If a hotel stay or airfare and rental car are needed, you would simply be billed so that we are directly reimbursed for those expenses.  As far as how far we will go, almost anywhere!  We love to travel, and we love weddings, so we will follow you anywhere!

Do you have references?

I understand why you would want to speak with others, but we don’t ask our wedding clients to take phone calls on our behalf.  We do, however, suggest that you take look at our reviews on  

Where do we meet for an engagement session or off-site romantic wedding portraits on my wedding day? "Fort Myers Wedding Photographer", "Engagement Portrait photographs", "Wedding photos"Wedding Engagement photos

We like to discuss this with you to see if there’s a special place that means a lot to you.  Say, for instance, you got engaged while you were on a picnic at the beach.  Or, you have horses that mean so much to you.  Let’s take some photos at that beach or with the horses, so these engagement photos mean something even more.  As for off-site photos on your wedding day, we don’t always have as much flexibility due to time constraints, but we can help you decide where those photos can be taken. We can also help you with your wedding day timeline to be sure everyone is ready at the right time, and so that your flowers are there when we arrive for the best photos! 

Will the photos I purchase have your logo on them?

No, the photos you see on my website or social media platforms feature the logo to prevent someone who has not purchased an image from copying my photo without my logo or permission.  There are no logos on purchased photos, nor on your wedding images that you receive on a flash drive (if they are included in your package), delivered when all your products are delivered.

What are digital files?

Digital files are the high-resolution edited files for your photos.  We place a very high value on them, as these contain all of our talent, the investments that we’ve made in training, professional equipment and experience, not only the hours invested in your wedding day, but also with hours of editing after your event. With many of our wedding packages, we include digital files after you’ve received all your products, for your safekeeping. You will have printing rights if needed, but we ask that you order any enlargements through Susan Knott Photography so that we can maintain the quality of your original image.  Inexperienced printers like you may find at department and drug stores will not reprint your beautiful images with the accuracy that our professional photo lab does, and I’m not interested in you displaying a poor representation of my image of you. We’ve been asked about ‘getting the copyright’.  It is not possible to purchase the copyright, because I own and will retain the copyright to all images that I photograph and reserve the right to use them for my promotional purposes and for competitions.  If you choose a package with the digital images, you will have printing rights that I share with you. 

How soon after my wedding will my photo proofs, prints and albums be ready?

A link to your online proof gallery on a private section of the Susan Knott Photography website will be sent to you within 4-6 weeks following your wedding.  The online gallery will be available for 60 days after that. Once you choose your prints, they will be available for pickup approximately three weeks after you order them. If you like, you can actually choose favorites right on our website and share them with us to use in your book.  Then, I create the book within a couple of weeks and send you a link to see the book electronically and get your approval or changes.  Once you’ve approved the book it takes approximately three weeks to have the book printed for you.

How does your photo book creation process work?

-Choose your favorites online (I will send you instructions) and share them with me

-I create the book and share a link where you can see the book digitally—you’ll see exactly what it will look like before it’s printed.

-You approve or ask to move this or that photo around

-Once you’ve approved I order the printing.

-It typically takes about 4-6 weeks to create and print it.

How does my Susan Knott Photography print credit work?

Rather than asking you to purchase a package that contain a certain number of 16 x 20’s, or this many 8 x 10’s before you’ve even seen your photos, we’ve built in a print credit amount to our packages so that after you see your photos, you’ll have money to spend on photo prints.  The credit can be used to upgrade or add pages to a book too.  We do not remove print credit from a package because we want you to have prints after your event!  Prints will be here 100 years and more from now.  Digital formats can change.  Note:  Your photo gallery has the option to purchase online.  All photos purchased on our website are a direct relationship between you and our professional photo lab, so if you have any remaining print credit, place your order through us.  Your print credit cannot be claimed online.

Do we get or see the Raw files from the camera?

No, they are not available.  No professional photographer will share raw files. Raw files are straight out of the camera and they are your unedited photo files. You’ll get to see all of the acceptable and flattering images, not including the ones with your eyes closed, or where Uncle Bob walks in front of my camera during your first dance!  If your package includes digital files on a flash drive, you'll get all of the edited images shown in your gallery and you get the common .jpg file format. 


What kind of lighting do you use?

We almost always use additional flash with our photography.  Sometimes on-camera flash, and during part of your day, we use the professional Profoto off camera flash system. And we always use off camera flash at dark receptions.  The additional light is added to enhance a natural look and sharpness when there isn't sufficient light available. Sometimes light is also used for creative purposes.  215516SKP_3189215516SKP_3189

193408_SKP2267193408_SKP2267 185611_SKP2156185611_SKP2156 How many photos will I get to see from my wedding?

It does depend on how long your event is, how large your family and bridal party are, but most couples receive approximately 600 photos

When should we schedule our wedding portraits during our wedding day?

Well, there are typically two ways to handle that, and it usually comes down to deciding if you want to do a ‘first look’.  If you’re choosing to see each other before the ceremony, we suggest that it be scheduled approximately 90 minutes before you need to be at the ceremony location.  We help orchestrate the first look, take photos of the two of you, then include the bridal party and sometimes parents if time permits.

If you’re not choosing the first look option, then remember to schedule time between the ceremony and reception.  Take into account things like the family photos and receiving lines.  We will usually take parent and family photos at the ceremony location immediately after the ceremony, which can typically be done in 15-20 minutes depending on the number of people involved.
If we’re traveling to another site to take photos between the ceremony and reception, travel time needs to be considered in the timeline.  I am available during your planning and am happy to help with that timeline.

What is a first look?

A first look is typically a private moment where the beautiful bride sneaks up behind the groom.  She taps him on the shoulder to turn around and you both see each other face to face!  We always help to orchestrate the first look. "Wedding Photographers, Naples, FL", "Wedding photos", "First Look wedding photos"Wedding first look photo

While I respect your decision to do a first look or the traditional first look at the ceremony, I will tell you that I like them because it gives the couple a chance to see each other, up close and privately if you want it that way. Brides will often ask me to “be sure to get the look on his face when he sees me coming up the aisle”.  Yet, the groom is usually far away when he first sees his bride and it’s a slower realization. During a first look, it’s “Wow!” and you’re right there in front of each other. If you choose the first look, we like to have at least an hour, or more if possible, with you and your bridal party so that we get a lot of the group and romantic photos that you want from your day. We’ll photograph it regardless of your decision!


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