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November 29, 2015

Welcome to Ashley & Jonathan's Wedding photo blog. Here's a shot from their Engagement photo session in Congress Park, Saratoga last spring, preparing for their fall wedding. 

 Ashley and the girls were getting ready at Ashley's parents' house in Ballston Lake.  Love those monogrammed shoes!

123928_DSC3138123928_DSC3138 124735_DSC3151124735_DSC3151  Hair done....check!

125015_DSC3156125015_DSC3156 Now featuring Ashley as "The Bride"

125040_DSC3158125040_DSC3158 125315_DSC3166125315_DSC3166 125444_DSC3167125444_DSC3167  The guys all met early at New Country Porsche of Clifton Park, where Jon works, to add a couple of fast cars to their photo with best man Jarrod.

130945_DSC2736130945_DSC2736 133018_DSC3201133018_DSC3201 131546_DSC2752131546_DSC2752 133718_DSC2794133718_DSC2794

133057_DSC2780133057_DSC2780 Makeup...check!

133315_DSC3204133315_DSC3204 135322_DSC3230135322_DSC3230


Then, on to the church where Jon's mom, Diane assisted with his boutineer.  They were married at All Saints on the Hudson Church in Mechanicville, NY. 140010_DSC2799140010_DSC2799  Ashley, escorted by her dad, Greg!

145034_DSC3315145034_DSC3315 While Greg wishes Jon luck and welcome to the family, Ashley's mom, Joan on the left, let's out those tears of joy!

145041_DSC2814145041_DSC2814 145124_DSC3322145124_DSC3322 145914_DSC3341145914_DSC3341 151052_DSC3370151052_DSC3370 151157_DSC3376151157_DSC3376 Ashley, and her reaction when Father mistakenly called them Mr. & Mrs. Durnford...Ashley's maiden name! 

151239_DSC2845151239_DSC2845 151240_DSC2846151240_DSC2846  Now, for the First Kiss as husband and wife!

151249_DSC2850151249_DSC2850 151625_DSC3387151625_DSC3387 A quick stop at the Rose Garden, Schenectady for photos!  This place was gorgeous this summer!

163353_DSC2875163353_DSC2875 163628_DSC2880163628_DSC2880 163858_DSC2891163858_DSC2891 164103_DSC2898164103_DSC2898 163947_DSC2896163947_DSC2896 164255_DSC2906164255_DSC2906 164626_DSC2917164626_DSC2917 165642_DSC2939165642_DSC2939 170211_DSC2946170211_DSC2946 170336_DSC3466170336_DSC3466 170409_DSC2955170409_DSC2955 170949_DSC3471170949_DSC3471

Best man Jarrod with Jonathan.

171021_DSC3474171021_DSC3474 And, the ladies and all their beauty!

171033_DSC2981171033_DSC2981 171125_DSC2982171125_DSC2982 171634_DSC2996171634_DSC2996 Next stop:  Mallozzi's Banquets & Catering, Schenectady!

192309_DSC3177192309_DSC3177 174406_DSC3005174406_DSC3005 175705_DSC3501175705_DSC3501 All the excitement was evident for the new Mr. & Mrs. Braden!

181505_DSC3076181505_DSC3076 181508_DSC3077181508_DSC3077  First dance time!

181645_DSC3554181645_DSC3554 181716_DSC3557181716_DSC3557 181855_DSC3566181855_DSC3566 Keeping everyone entertained....TS Ensemble!

182113_DSC3576182113_DSC3576 183653_DSC3605183653_DSC3605 184000_DSC3608184000_DSC3608 190910_DSC3150190910_DSC3150 191819_DSC3167191819_DSC3167 191928_DSC3168191928_DSC3168 194606_DSC3673194606_DSC3673 195633_DSC3696195633_DSC3696 195737_DSC3697195737_DSC3697 202416_DSC3743202416_DSC3743 202509_DSC3245202509_DSC3245 202536_DSC3755202536_DSC3755 Then it was time for the father-daughter dance. But nobody expected what came next!  Normally mild-mannered Greg burst out with some great dance moves choreographed to a montage of some great dance songs with Ashley!

202738_DSC3763202738_DSC3763 202841_DSC3262202841_DSC3262 202844_DSC3264202844_DSC3264 202904_DSC3268202904_DSC3268 202933_DSC3270202933_DSC3270 It was amazing!  Then, of course, he had to slow it back down again.  But it was a big hit!

203000_DSC3273203000_DSC3273 203018_DSC3795203018_DSC3795 And Jon and his mom Diane with the mother-son dance. 

203146_DSC3803203146_DSC3803 203320_DSC3279203320_DSC3279 205512_DSC3322205512_DSC3322 Who will catch the bouquet?

212306_DSC3891212306_DSC3891 212311_DSC3894212311_DSC3894 This unsuspecting gentleman caught the garter and knelt down to slip it on the young lady's leg, but Al from TS Ensemble had to alter his plan a bit with a blindfold first. 

212733_DSC3348212733_DSC3348 212740_DSC3906212740_DSC3906  The young lady got up and look who sits down!  Yes, the dance-master himself, Greg--father of the bride. 

212831_DSC3909212831_DSC3909 And he gets a quick lecture about where to place that garter!

212850_DSC3355212850_DSC3355 181810_DSC3562181810_DSC3562

Ashley & Jon, we had a great time each and every time we were with you and your families!  Thank you for asking us to be your wedding photographers!

Our best to you!


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