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Wedding Photography-Birch Hill Catering-Kristin-Matthew

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 We met Kristin & Matthew at the Birch Hill Bridal show last March!  They were planning to be married right there at Birch Hill, so we planned to meet later to discuss their day.  What we learned is that they planned a relaxed, fun-filled day with family and friends outside at the Pavillion on the Birch Hill grounds, complete with yard games for everyone to enjoy! All of the girls' flowers were paper flowers that were hand-crafted by Kristin and her mom. 

134327_DSC1578134327_DSC1578 135859_DSC1611135859_DSC1611  Getting ready nearby at the Comfort Inn, East Greenbush, NY

140958_DSC1623140958_DSC1623 141155_DSC1905141155_DSC1905 141512_DSC1912141512_DSC1912

Matthew, waiting patiently, nervously for his 'first look' at his bride to be. 142129_DSC1920142129_DSC1920 142532_DSC1651142532_DSC1651 143541_DSC1680143541_DSC1680 Kristin came down the stairs with Matthew reaching back for her hand.  When their hands touched, Matthew turned around to see her beauty!

144454_DSC1939144454_DSC1939 144502_DSC1709144502_DSC1709 144508_DSC1942144508_DSC1942 144510_DSC1943144510_DSC1943 144511_DSC1712144511_DSC1712 Checking each other out!

144522_DSC1949144522_DSC1949 144520_DSC1948144520_DSC1948

 And we headed for the beautiful grounds at Birch Hill for some photos before the ceremony.  153807_DSC1768153807_DSC1768 154046_DSC1778154046_DSC1778 155139_DSC1804155139_DSC1804 155451_DSC1825155451_DSC1825 155614_DSC1827155614_DSC1827 160130_DSC1853160130_DSC1853 160440_DSC1870160440_DSC1870 160332_DSC1866160332_DSC1866

160920_DSC1882160920_DSC1882  And, we're ready, with Kristin and her dad heading for the aisle.

170236_DSC2009170236_DSC2009 170257_DSC1986170257_DSC1986 170310_DSC1988170310_DSC1988 170458_DSC2000170458_DSC2000 170541_DSC2005170541_DSC2005 170715_DSC2012170715_DSC2012 170744_DSC2013170744_DSC2013

 The both had written their own touching, loving vows. 171216_DSC2032171216_DSC2032 171249_DSC2038171249_DSC2038 And...they are husband and wife!

171747_DSC2070171747_DSC2070 171816_DSC2054171816_DSC2054

The family hand crafted this Jenga game!  It was Matthew's turn, after many others had taken theirs.

181535_DSC2183181535_DSC2183 Whooops!

181539_DSC2184181539_DSC2184 181540_DSC2125181540_DSC2125 181540_DSC2126181540_DSC2126 181540_DSC2185181540_DSC2185 192154_DSC2308192154_DSC2308 192309_DSC2316192309_DSC2316 192411_DSC2319192411_DSC2319 Such a happy couple!!

192823_DSC2346192823_DSC2346 A little silhouette at dusk on a beautiful night.

193214_DSC2365193214_DSC2365 Let's all sing!

194713_DSC2410194713_DSC2410 195715_DSC2432195715_DSC2432 201058_DSC2472201058_DSC2472 202528_DSC2264202528_DSC2264 203243_DSC2284203243_DSC2284 210419_DSC2543210419_DSC2543 210449_DSC2545210449_DSC2545 215920_DSC2661215920_DSC2661

Thank you Kristin & Matt for including us in your big day!  

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