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Susan Knott Photography-2016 Photo Rewind

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2016.  Much has been said about this year.  It certainly was not boring, on social media, around the country and throughout the world. And we'll leave it at that! 

For us, though, 2016 was an incredible year, meeting many new friends. That's always the best part. Friends whose weddings that we shot during the year and those that we met whose wedding days are scheduled for 2017 and 2018! We met more of you during Senior Portrait sessions, Family Portraits, and we even met a couple of newborns, including one in our own family!  Thank you for the trust you've placed in Susan Knott Photography to bring home some unforgettable and cherished photos of your special day and of your family.

As you scroll through the photos below, these are just some of the friends we've worked with this year. 

Thanks again, and enjoy!


Nicole and Matt were married in Latham and celebrated at Mallozzi's in Schenectady.  Here, her bridal attendants are getting their first look at Nicole as a bride! Love those faces! For more of Nicole & Matt's wedding, go here!

"Wedding Photography, Albany, NY" "Albany Wedding Photographers", "Wedding photos"Albany wedding photographer

During the wedding reception at Mallozzi's, Nicole and Matt stepped outside for a bit of romance. 

"Wedding Photography, Schenectady, NY", "Wedding Photographer", "Schenectady Wedding Photographer", "Wedding portraits", "Nighttime wedding photos"Malawi's wedding photography

Amanda and Anthony were married over the summer at the Olde Tater Barn in Central Bridge, NY, and more on that in just a bit. Last spring, we arranged to meet them in Salem, Massachusetts near their home for an engagement photo session along the water.

"Wedding Engagement photos, Schenectady, NY", "Engagement pictures", "Engagement photo session"wedding engagement photographer

Our son Eric and his finance Samantha announced their baby was on the way and we took this fun maternity photo (inspired by Pinterest!) before Baby Knott was born. 

"Maternity photographer, Albany, NY", "Funny maternity photos", "Family Portrait photographer"Maternity photographer, Albany, NY

Springtime was wedding time for Heidi & Jeff as they were married and celebrated at The Vista at the Van Patten Golf Club, in Clifton Park, NY.  Lots of fun with their family and friends and lots of Wedding Photos!

"Wedding Photographer, Clifton Park, NY", "Wedding Photography", "Vista Clifton Park  Wedding"Van Patten Golf Club, Vista wedding photographer

We did engagement photos and the wedding photography for Devin & Mike's wedding a couple of years ago in Ballston Spa, NY and Lake George, NY, so it seemed right at home to create some maternity photos for their upcoming arrival.  This was their announcement on social media. 

"Maternity photos in Albany, NY", "Expectant mother's photos", "baby photos"Maternity Photography, Albany, NY

As we got closer to baby Mia's arrival date, we met them again in Saratoga, NY for another session.  They can't wait!

"Maternity photos, Albany, NY", "Albany Photographer", "Expectant parent photos", "baby photos"Maternity photos in Albany, NY

Laura & Josh are animal lovers, both horses and dogs!  They wanted their engagement session to be with their dog, (and as you'll see in the next photo)--their horses!  What a pleasure to work with them!

"Engagement photography, Clifton Park, NY", "Engagement photos", "Engagement portraits", "dog photo", "Wedding photos"wedding engagement photographer, Clifton Park, NY

"Engagement photos, Clifton Park, NY", "Wedding Engagement pictures", "horse photo", "love"Engagement photos with horses, Clifton Park, NY

The month of June brought Stephanie & Curt to Saratoga from their respective military careers, in the Air Force and in the Army for a wedding celebration.  They had a short break to celebrate their marriage, then Stephanie left for duty overseas.  Now, six months later, they're FINALLY enjoying their honeymoon this week! What a great time we had working with these two and their family and friends at the warm and friendly Anne's Washington Inn, Saratoga Springs, NY  "Saratoga Wedding photographer", "Wedding photography", "Military wedding", "Groom photo", "Anne's Washington Inn Weddings"Military wedding in Saratoga Springs, NY

Check out more of Stephanie & Curt's summer wedding.   "Saratoga Springs Wedding photography", "Anne's Washington Inn wedding photos", "Bridal party photos", "Bride and Groom"Wedding photographer in Saratoga Springs, NY

Another military man here....on leave, met us with his fiance Sydni for their engagement session in Schenectady, NY.  Can't wait for their wedding at
The Century House next summer!  Be safe Chris, and we look forward to seeing you both before you know it!

And while we're on the subject, many thanks to Curt, Stephanie and Chris for your service to America!

"Engagement photography", "Wedding Engagement photos", "Engagement Portrait"Wedding photographer in Albany, NY
 Marina, Jen, Aubrey, and little guy with the leaves--Logan, wanted some family photos for their walls! We did a few takes of this and were afraid that Grandma was gonna get buried in the leaves, but he sure enjoyed himself!

"Family Portrait Photographer, Schenectady, NY", "Family Portraits", "family photos"Family Portrait, Schenectady, NY

"Family Portraits, Schenectady, NY", "Family photos", "Portraits", "Family pictures", "professional family portraits"Family Portrait Photographer, Schenectady, NY Kristen and Kurt were married last summer at Birch Hill in Castleton, NY.  They both live on Long Island and brought a ton of their friends and family with them for this relaxed celebration.  I say relaxed, because everyone was so comfortable, yet the party never stopped!  Loved working with these two lovebirds!

"Albany Wedding photographer", Wedding Photography, Albany, NY", "Birch Hill Weddings", "Bride photo", "Wedding portrait"Albany Wedding photographer at Birch Hill

More Kristen & Kurt!

"Albany Wedding photographer", Wedding Photography, Albany, NY", "Birch Hill Weddings", "Bride and groom photo", "Wedding portrait"Wedding photographers in Albany, NY

Amy & Frank were looking forward to their fall wedding at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga, but we got together for an engagement session over the summer at the Rose Garden in Schenectady, NY.

"Wedding Engagement photographer, Saratoga Springs", "Wedding photos", "Engaged couple", "Engagement photo with dog"Engagement portrait in Saratoga, NY

David and Kate love Saratoga!   And that is exactly where they wanted their Engagement session! This was springtime fun, but there was more winter fun as they were married on New Year's Eve at Key Hall at Proctor's, Schenectady, NY! 

"Engagement photos, Saratoga Springs, NY", "wedding engagement pictures", "Engagement photos"Saratoga wedding photographer
You saw Laura & Josh above at their engagement session with the horses.  By this time, Laura is getting ready to walk out to meet her groom at the Gideon Putnam Resort at their summer wedding in Saratoga Springs, NY

"Wedding Photography, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Saratoga Weddings", "Gideon Putnam Weddings", "Bride photo"Wedding photographers in Saratoga Springs, NY

Laura & Josh immediately after their wedding ceremony walking through the park. It was an honor to be your wedding photographers!  See more of Laura & Josh's day in Saratoga here"Wedding Photography, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Saratoga Weddings", "Gideon Putnam Weddings", "Bride and Groom photo"professional photographers, Saratoga Springs, NY

Time for some more engagement photos with Danielle & Pat in Schenectady, NY!  Great to meet this friendly couple, and we'll get to spend the day with them at their September wedding ceremony at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia, NY.  

"Wedding Engagement photos, Albany, NY", "Engagement portraits", "Albany Photographer"Engagement couple photography, Albany, NY

It was a warm summer wedding day for Juliesa and Cameron as they shared it with family and friends at Treviso by Mallozzi's in Albany, NY

"Wedding Photography, Albany, NY", "Wedding photos", "Wedding Portraits", "Treviso by Mallozzi's Wedding photos"wedding photographers in Albany, NY

Beautiful day. Beautiful bride! See more from Juliesa & Cameron!

"Wedding Photographer, Albany, NY", "Wedding Portrait", "Bridal Portrait", "Wedding Photos at Treviso"Treviso by Mallozzi's Wedding Photographer

4 year-old Hannah snuggling and loving her Mom and baby brother days before he arrived!

"Maternity photography, Clifton Park, NY", "Newborn photos", "Clifton Park Maternity photos"Clifton Park photographer

 Then days later, Hannah gets to snuggle again with newborn baby brother, Cole!

"Family Portrait Photography, Albany, NY", "Family photos", "Newborn photos", "Brother and sister photos"Family portrait photographer in Clifton Park, NY

They say June weddings are beautiful, and Jamie and James' event at The State Room was a great example! Jamie has just arrived in one of the many State Room classic cars!


James assists his wife out of the car in front of the State Capitol for some bridal party wedding photos!  See more of their wedding photos.


Our summers are also full with Senior Portraits!  The next two with Abigail from Saratoga Springs High School!

"Senior Portrait Photography-Saratoga Springs, NY", "Saratoga Springs High School Yearbook pictures", "Senior photos", "Saratoga photographer"high school senior pictures, Saratoga, NY "Professional photographer, Saratoga NY", "Senior portraits", "High School Senior pictures"Senior portrait photographer, Saratoga NY

Kelly and Matt live and work in New York City, but they're getting married at Birch Hill next July!  We spent some time with lots of fall colors at their Engagement photography session, and anxiously await to work with them again at their wedding!  Thanks for choosing Susan Knott Photography!

Amanda & Anthony met their family and friends at the amazing venue call The Olde Tater Barn in Central Bridge, NY.  Wonderful couple!  Another warm but beautiful summer wedding.  It was such a pleasure to work as your Wedding Photographers!  Thank you!

"Tater Barn wedding photos", "Tater Barn Weddings", "Wedding photos, Schenectady, NY"Professional photographer, Albany, NY

The Olde Tater Barn, complete with this huge corn field!! See more from Amanda & Anthony! "Tater Barn wedding photos", "Tater Barn Weddings", "Wedding photos, Schenectady, NY"Tater Barn wedding photographer, Central Bridge.

Another Saratoga Springs High School senior portrait session.  Thank you Anna for asking Susan Knott Photography to shoot your session!

"Senior Portraits, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Senior pictures", "Saratoga High School Senior pictures"Saratoga Senior picture photographer "Senior Portraits, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Senior pictures", "Saratoga High School Senior pictures"high school senior picture photographer

Introducing Sarah!  Also a senior from Saratoga Springs High School!

"Senior Portrait Photographer-Saratoga Springs, NY", "High School senior portraits", "Saratoga High School Senior photos"Saratoga's best portrait photographer "Senior Portrait Photographer-Saratoga Springs, NY", "High School senior portraits", "Saratoga High School Senior photos"Saratoga's best portrait photographer

August brought us to Albany Country Club, and Amanda & Jon's beautiful summer wedding!

"Wedding Photographer, Albany, NY", "Wedding Reception photos", "Albany wedding photographer", "Albany Country Club Weddings"Best wedding photographer, Albany, NY

"Wedding Photographer, Albany, NY", "Wedding Reception photos", "Albany wedding photographer", "Albany Country Club Weddings"wedding photographer in Albany, NY

 Our next two Saratoga seniors are twins!  Here's Julia!

"Senior portrait, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Senior portraits", "Senior pictures", "Saratoga High School"Saratoga senior portrait photographer

And time to meet Sophie! Both sisters met us for a senior portrait session

"Senior portrait, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Senior portraits", "Senior pictures", "Saratoga High School"High School senior portrait photographer

You think these groomsmen are happy to get the party started, or what?

"Wedding Photography, Schenectady, NY", "Groomsmen photos", "Fun wedding photos", "best Schenectady photographer"Wedding photographers in Schenectady, NY

Luke played a song for Liz that he wrote especially for her.  They were already husband and wife when we took the bridal party for some group photos.  "Schenectady weddings", "Wedding photos, Schenectady, NY", "Wedding portraits", "Bride and groom with guitar", "Wedding Portrait"wedding photographer in Schenectady, NY

Liz and Luke take a quiet moment outside on the patio during their reception celebration at the Waters Edge Lighthouse in Glenville, NY

"Schenectady weddings", "Wedding photos, Schenectady, NY", "Wedding portraits", "Waters Edge Wedding photo", "Wedding Portrait"Wedding photographer at Waters Edge Lighthouse, Schenectady, NY

Days after the birth of Devin & Mike's baby girl, Mia, I was able to take this tender shot as she rested.

"Newborn photo, Albany, NY", "newborn portrait", "sleeping baby", "Baby photos"newborn baby photographer
Saratoga Springs Senior Portrait session time again, this time with Emily!  Thank you for asking me to take your portrait, Emily!  

"Senior Portrait Photography-Saratoga Springs, NY", "Senior photos", "Saratoga High School photos", "Senior Portrait"Saratoga photographer for senior portraits

Amy & Todd were happy to spend a little time in the Stockade section of Schenectady for their Engagement session, as they prepared to be married at the Glen Sanders Mansion!

"Wedding engagement portrait, Clifton Park, NY", "Engagement photo", "She said yes!"Wedding engagement photo, Clifton Park, NY

I mentioned at the start that we had an addition to OUR family this summer.  Our grandson, Aiden was born to son Eric and Samantha.  This five pound peanut was born a couple of weeks early.  We're happy to report that Mom, Dad, and Aiden are progressing nicely, as you can see from the next baby portrait of Aiden below.

"Newborn photographer, Albany, NY", "Newborn baby photo", "Daddy with baby boy", "Newborn pictures"Newborn baby photo with dad

Aiden James Knott

"Family Portrait Photographer, Albany, NY", "Baby photo", "5 month old baby boy", "Baby Boy portrait"Family Portrait photographer in Albany, NY

Amy & Frank, immediately after their 'first look', looking amazing!  They're about to be married at the Dance Museum in Saratoga Springs, NY

"Wedding Photographers, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Wedding portrait", "Bride and Groom photo", "National Museum of Dance wedding"Saratoga Dance Museum wedding photographer

And, through the Dance Museum windows, we see them late in the evening dancing together at their wedding reception. "Wedding Photographers, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Wedding portrait", "Bride and Groom photo", "National Museum of Dance wedding"wedding photographer in Saratoga, NY

Larissa called me to schedule her Senior Portrait session.  Thank you!  (Yes, Larissa is also from Saratoga Springs High School)

"Saratoga Senior Portraits, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Senior pictures", "Yearbook photos for seniors"Senior portrait photographer, Saratoga Springs, NY

An aspiring photographer himself, Jack stopped by for his Senior Portrait.  Thanks Jack!

"Senior Portrait Photography, Saratoga, NY", "Senior Portrait", "Senior pictures", "Saratoga High School Senior pictures"Portrait photographer in Saratoga Springs, NY

Sarah met us in Saratoga, NY for her senior portrait session, but she's actually from Queensbury High School!  Sarah's the only one who sorta got two senior sessions.  The first time, weather was unsettled, but there was bright blue sky on one side of Yaddo, and a few clouds on the other. I took 3 pictures and the sky just opened up on us.  A few minutes of sitting in our cars in the drenching rain and we knew it wasn't going to happen.  But we met again and as you can see, we had plenty of sun the second time!  Thanks Sarah!

"High School Senior Portraits, Queensbury, NY", "Queensbury High School senior photos", "Senior Portrait"Senior portrait photographer in Queensbury, NY "High School Senior Portraits, Queensbury, NY", "Queensbury High School senior photos", "Senior Portrait"Glens Falls Senior photographer

It was Eric's turn in the senior session.  As you can probably tell, we met him at the Hall of Springs for some very handsome images.  Great to meet you Eric!

"Senior Portrait photography, Saratoga, NY", "Saratoga High School Senior photos", "Senior portrait", "Senior pictures"Senior Portrait photographer, Saratoga, NY

Kristen is from Saratoga Central Catholic and I was very pleased with the portraits that we were able to capture, both inside and out!

"Senior Portraits, Saratoga, NY", "Saratoga Central Catholic Senior photos", "Senior Portrait", "Senior pictures"Saratoga Catholic Senior Portrait Photographer "Senior Portraits, Saratoga, NY", "Saratoga Central Catholic Senior photos", "Senior Portrait", "Senior pictures"Senior Portrait Photographer in Saratoga, NY

Saratoga Springs High School senior, Tommy looking amazing for his portrait session this past summer!  

"Senior Portrait Photography, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Senior Portrait photo session", "Senior Portraits"Saratoga Senior portrait photographer

Nicole is a senior at Ichabod Crane Central School in Valatie!  Thanks for making the call to Susan Knott Photography for your fun senior portrait session!

"Senior Portrait Photography, Valatie, NY", "Senior Portrait photo session", "Senior Portraits"Senior Portraits for Ichabod Crane High School

Our final Saratoga High School senior is Max.  Thanks for texting me this fall to arrange your senior portrait session!

"Senior Pictures, Saratoga Springs, NY", "Senior portraits", "Senior pictures"Saratoga Springs High School Senior photographer

And this is Nancy, the mom of one our Saratoga seniors who needed a business headshot done and I was happy to help!

"Professional Headshot, Albany, NY", "Business Photo", "Commercial headshot"Professional Headshot photographer in, Albany, NY

hank you for visiting Susan Knott Photography!  Albany Wedding Photographers (Always two photographers at wedding events!), including Engagement Photos, Wedding Albums, First Look, and more.  We're based in the Capital Region--near Albany NY, Schenectady NY, Troy NY, Saratoga, NY and Lake George, NY, and travel anywhere else you need us!  We'd love to meet you and talk about your plans!  

To view more photos, visit our website or the blog.


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